Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Make a Live Ivy Topiary

I have had this project on my "want to do list" for over a decade. It feels good to get this one off my list. I found this project in a book called "Creative Home Decorating". I do not have a green thumb - but I do try to have one. Making your own live topiaries has so many possibilities. Ivy topiaries I think would be the easiest - but I would also love to try making lavender and rosemary topiaries. One topiary down, two to go. Here are the instructions...

Plant ivy in desired pot. Make sure it is planted firmly. The ivy should have at least 2' long trails to begin creating a topiary form.

1. Make a wire form. Cut two 30" long pieces of galvanized wire or wire from a hanger. Make two lollipop shapes.

2. Join the two lollipop shapes by placing one inside the other to form a sphere. Twist the two stems together to secure. This can be reinforced by wrapping another piece of wire around the stems.

3. Place the topiary frame in the middle of the prepared pot. Working from the bottom to top, wind the ivy around the wire frame, covering as much of the wire as possible. The instructions from the book say to use galvanized wire pins to anchor the base firmly. I didn't have those - and I also found that my wire center was really flimsy, so I attached a steel skewer to the center. I am thinking next time I will use a wooden dowel when I make my lollipops.

I pinched off some of the ivy from the center stem and stuck them in the soil. I am not sure if they will take root and grow but I thought I might as well try it.

This is how the topiary looks at this point. The book has the following instructions for further care....

- keep the topiary in good shape by winding any new growth around the topiary form and pulling out dry leaves. 
- prune the plant regularly to maintain its unique shape. Pinch long shoots so the plant remains full and compact.
-with proper care, a beautiful ivy topiary can provide years of enjoyment.

Several different shapes can be made with the ivy. Try a star, a wreath, or even a spiral. There are so many creative possibilities!

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  1. wow this looks easy enough for me to do it! I just have a brown thumb instead of a green one. lol. hopped over from tip junkie!

  2. That looks fantastic~Now it's on MY list of things to do someday. . .

  3. Hi I was just wondering if you have an updated pic of the topiary. I'd love to see it!