Saturday, May 7, 2011

Touching Sentiment for a Mother's Day Card

I am always on the hunt for the perfect sentiment for cards. I am fairly good at being creative with the cards and putting a lot of thought and work into the making of them - but sentiments sometimes seem to be an after thought and then I end up writing something that I don't feel meets the standard of the card. Let's face it - the sentiment is a big part of a card.  Last year around Mother's Day I found this on a card....

  I hope that when people look at me 
they see a little bit of you.

From the moment I read this sentiment - I knew that was going to be the theme of my Mother's Day cards for this year. I am thinking this will be the Father's Day card theme too.
So.... to make this card I started from the inside out. 

I cut two pieces of corrogated cardboard 7"x8". I ripped a bit of the cardboard to show the ripples. 
I printed the sentiment off my computer. 
The frame around the sentiment is a Victorian Floral frame from Graphics Fairy.
Along with the sentiment I put pictures of my mom and I, and my daughter and my mom. 

The front piece of the card, I wrapped in lace that I adhered with hot glue and tacky glue. 
Then I proceeded to decorate the front with rhinestone border stickers and flowers. 

Of course I made one for my mother-in law....

and my Auntie too....

I punched holes in the card stock and attached the two halves together with binder rings. I printed another Victorian floral frame and pasted it on the back so I could sign the card and write "Happy Mother's Day"
Thanks for stopping by. Happy Mother's Day everyone!
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  1. Love the very vintage feel of both cards! And as you said, such a touching sentiment. Lovely job!

  2. Beautiful card and beautiful saying! I'll have to jot that one down for future use!

  3. totally plan to steal this idea! thanks

  4. Just stopping by from Graphic Fairies. This is gorgeous! Love all the lace and the images are great!

  5. New follower here, and I love the card and the sentiment!