Friday, August 24, 2012

Busy Mom Survival Kit - Baby Shower Gift Idea

Happy Friday! Welcome to my blog!! Here is my latest baby shower gift basket. The stuff in the basket is geared more towards the mom, although the advice on the tags will definitely help the baby.  I suggest this package not be gifted to a new mom who needs baby stuff. Here is what I put in the kit:

1. WATER - Saying: Water cannot be drawn from an empty well.
2. JAM - Saying - Don't jam every minute with busy-ness.
3. ROSE AIR FRESHENER - Saying - Learn to smell the roses.

4. CHEERIOS - Saying: Be of good cheerios
5. KNEE PADS - Saying: When life is too hard to stand - kneel.
6. GLASSES - Saying: Focus on your children.

7. SNICKERS - Saying: Learn to laugh.
8. MENTOS - Saying: The joy of motherhood comes in momints.

Here are the tags I used below. I made both a male and female package so there are blue and pink tags. I added an elephant and cut out some clouds to put on the tags.

I put all of the items with their corresponding tags in my favorite bag to make - A BOX BAG - 
tied it up with a ribbon and attached the survival kit tag. This is a different but meaningful gift to give those busy moms!

Thanks for stopping by!

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