Friday, January 7, 2011

Home Made Dog Lover's Gift Set

I made this "Dog Lover's" gift set for a Christmas present.  I was really excited how this turned out and it was very well received. I bought a notebook, with the breed of dog the recipient has. I bought slippers - it would have been better if they were black and white - but they weren't so I had to settle. I bought some chew bones and a box of dog treats. I bought a t-shirt and put on an iron on transfer with a picture of the recipients dog.

The shirt is really what made the gift. Iron on transfers are easy to work with, unless you forget to reverse the lettering like I did on the first one I printed out- so remember to do that.

I sewed a bag with leftover material from a pair of pajama bottoms I made for my daughter and put everything in it. I guess you can give the gift just like this, but personally, I like receiving a wrapped gift so I did put it in a box and wrap it.

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