Friday, January 21, 2011

Homemade Paper Lanterns

I originally made these lanterns for a display at Church. They looked totally different then.


I didn't want to throw these lanterns out. I knew they could be used again. The opportunity came when I was decorating for my daughters 15th birthday, which was an Asian theme. I cut a rectangle out of the front, made a vellum insert and added red flowers. I am putting these in my Valentine display, but I am not sure if I will change the vellum. I printed the vellum inserts off my computer and taped them to the inside of the lantern. These can be changed for any season/holiday. I put flameless candles inside the lanterns. The instructions for making the lantern can be found HERE on the Project Wedding website.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. These lanterns are cute. Love the Asian theme. The bamboo cutout is great. We did some similar for Shannon's wedding. Made them out of Bristol Board but instead of vellum used colored tissue paper. Tissue paper and bristol board in the wedding colors. We used real candles with no problems. We also cut little heart shapes out of the solid sides of the rectangle shade. They cast a very pretty glo. The white is more elegant tho and as you said, versatile for many occassions with a change of insert. Good stuff for me to "try" Jan

  2. Hey Jan! Do you have pictures?? I would love to see them. I am not allowed to play with flames in my house :(
    That's what I get for marrying a fireman!