Friday, January 14, 2011

What Cancer Cannot Do - Encouragement Gift Idea

At work we are putting a basket together for a former colleague who has just found out she has kidney cancer. I found this saying when my dad found out he had cancer and this helped me cope with the news. I am hoping this framed poster will help bring strength, courage and hope when it is needed. Here is how I made the poster....

It is kind of hard to see the background on the poster, but if you look closely you can see it. I wanted to use the colors grey, black white and yellow. I did not have any grey paper on hand that I liked so I made my own. I went into my publishing program on my computer. I made a 4x6 grey box. 

Then I added a few dingbats in a lighter grey. The dingbat I used is called Typo Backgrounds. You can download it free by clicking HERE.

Here is how the poster turned out after adding shapes and text. You can download this one or make your own. The borders didn't show up in the frame I purchased, and it doesn't matter because I think it looks better without them.

The Secret Stitch Club is where I found a tutorial how to make the rosettes. I did not glue the rosettes on the frame like it says to do in the tutorial. I glued them on a little cardboard circle first and then I glued them on the frame. This was the first time I made these flowers and I didn't want them glued on the frame just in case they didn't work out. Also, I like being able to move things around to see placement options. Click HERE to go to the tutorial.

My rosettes are made out of different materials, and they are small. The black and white rosette is from an old skirt. The length of the fabric I used was nine inches and 1 1/2 inches wide. The yellow and white rosettes are a material that I have no clue what they are. The white stuff came with my sofa when I purchased it. It reminds me of interfacing or a bounce sheet. I was considering using a used bounce sheet, but I didn't have any that weren't in the garbage. The yellow material also reminds me of interfacing. I bought it at a discount store on a roll. I glued some pearls and jewels in the middle of each rosette. Before I glued them on the frame, I glue a little piece of tulle to the frame.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Thank you for this! I love the colors so much. I am a survivor and I am downloading it for future gifts!!

  2. This is just the thing I was looking for. Less than 48 hours ago our 11 yr old neighbor was diagnosed with Leukemia. He will be in the hospital for at least a month. I am hoping this will be a support to the family. Thank you so much for posting this!!!!!

    1. Oh my goodness - that is hard to take when anyone is diagnosed with cancer, but a child is that much more tough. Hoping miracles come your neighbors way:)

  3. What are the chances I would find this one year to the day after you posted it...with God there are no coincidence. God bless you!