Saturday, January 1, 2011

Man Cave Hibernation Survival Kit - Gift Idea

This is one of many gifts that I made for Christmas that I could not post until after Christmas. The only pictures I got of the survival kit were on Christmas morning so hopefully you can see each item well enough. I was laughing while taking some so I apologize for the blurry ones.
Here is what I put in the man cave hibernation survival kit:

1) an oh so cozy blanket.

2)  four cozy pillows - I bought a fleece blanket from the $store and made four pillow slipcovers to cover existing pillows I had. Click HERE for directions on how to cover a pillow with an envelope slip cover. I cut out letters that were all different sizes (free hand) out of scrap fleece and hand sewed the letters on the pillow. I only put words on two pillows because it was very time consuming.

3) I painted a "man cave" sign. I got my daughter to do a couple cave man drawings on it.

4) I bought a bucket and filled it up with grub - pop, nuts, chocolate, etc. I called it the grub tub.

5) Here's my blurry picture. It shows a couple things that were in the grub tub. I bought a couple of wooden coasters at the $ store and painted "man cave" on them. 

For all the labels I used the font "Elise". I inked the edges with two different colors of brown. The free hand letters on the pillow were inspired by the font "Elise" You can download the font by clicking


  1. Looks great Sue, lots of work but fun! Bet Ken liked it, especially the grub!!

  2. Really Grate Looking....
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  3. Love it! i am totally going to give my dad this for Christmas. it's screaming his name :) haha

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