Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve Activities For Families

Here are some New Year's Eve activities that our family has done over the years:

1) Slide show - I have done a Keynote presentation of family pictures for a few years now. It is fun to recap the year to an upbeat song. The songs I have used in the past are
- Our Lives by The Calling (I love the lyrics "these are the moments, these are the times - let's make the best out of our lives)
- Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
- All Star by Smash Mouth
- Time of Your Life by Green Day
This year the song is "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen.

2) Pinata - We used to make the pinata out of a balloon and paper mache, but it has been simplified over the years. Last year we made a flat screen TV pinata out of an empty chocolate box and the  "wapper " was a remote control made out of a toothpaste box. This took maybe ten minutes to make. We weren't going to do a pinata - and then decided to do one.

3) Big bang at midnight - We have blown up balloons and popped them at midnight. The balloons have had a variety of stuff in them over the years - confetti, tinsel and pom poms. Confetti gives the best effect if you don't mind the clean up, the tinsel just comes out in a big lump, and the pom poms work good, but not as good as the confetti. One year we jumped on bubble wrap to make a big noise to ring in the new year.

Hopefully this gives you a few family friendly New Year's Eve ideas.

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