Thursday, December 2, 2010

Throw Pillow Christmas Makeover - Envelope Slip Covers

I made some really easy throw pillow covers to dress up my sofas for Christmas. I used a fleece blanket that I purchased a few years ago in a set of two blankets for 3.99. I was able to make four pillow slipcovers from one of those blankets. A very economical makeover.
I measured my existing throw pillows. I cut out one front for each pillow with those measurements. I did not add room for seams as I wanted the pillows tight fitting, and my pillows are pliable enough to shove in the slipcover. If your pillows are quite firm, make sure your slipcovers are a little bigger than the pillow you are covering.

For the back, you need two pieces of fabric, making sure one of the sides overlaps the other by at least three inches.  Making sure right sides are together, pin, and sew around the whole pillow. 
Turn the pillow right side out. Put in your pillow. The fleece blanket I used had a blanket stitch around the outside. To save a step in sewing a seam, I cut the fabric for the flap of the envelope from the edge of the blanket to make use of this nicely sewn seam. I made these four pillow slip covers in about half an hour. Very simple and I love the festive look on my sofas. Stay tuned as I am going to be making some burlap pillows to dress up my sofas a little more. 

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