Monday, December 13, 2010

Burlap Pillows - Homemade Christmas Decor

I had so much fun with these pillows. I love how frugal these are and how awesome these look. I am going to give a few of these away as gifts, and make more for my house. I purchased a meter of burlap from the fabric store. I was waiting for a sale, but I couldn't wait any longer so I ended up spending $8.00 for the meter. I managed to get six pillows out of that and a little left over to try some burlap flowers. I did not measure the pillows - I just started cutting to get the most I could from the fabric. The fringed pillows I learned to do from this tutorial from La T Dah.
I made my stencils from the cricut machine. Something I did that was different from the tutorial was that I stenciled the paint on the burlap before I sewed the pillow - that way you don't have to worry about paint going on the other side of the burlap. The burlap soaks up the paint so you want to get a good coat.

You can make your stencils from the computer. The possibilities are endless however the simpler the word the better. It just takes a little more work to cut out the stencils. I use cardstock.

If you have a cricut machine, the possibilities are limited to the cartridges you have - but I find that is the way to get creative, working with what you have. This is what I used for the stencils :
Hope - From the "Give a Hoot" Cartridge - page 53 - phrase option - size 5
Peace - "Winter Wonderland" cartridge - page 75 - card option 3dBldgl - size 4
Joy - "Winter Wonderland" cartridge
December - "Designer Calendar" cartridge - page 39 - boxed option - size 4 1/2
25 - Designer Calendar cartridge - page 72 -  rounded option -  size 5
Tree - "Designer Calendar" cartridge - page 39 - shadow option - size 5

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