Sunday, December 12, 2010

The 12 Days of CHRISTmas - advent calendar box

This is a spin off from the matchbox advent calendar. I love how cute these look being half the size. I made this for a 12 days of Christmas gift. I took some quotes from a talk I love given by Jeffrey R. Holland that is titled, "Come Unto Me" that you can find by clicking HERE. I rolled them up and put one in each drawer. There are lots of ideas for a twelve days of CHRISTmas activity. Scriptures or service ideas can be put in the drawers. How about twelve days of telling the miracles of Jesus? You can even do something along the lines with the twelve days of Christmas song. Don't forget candy too.

You can learn how to make this box by clicking on the tutorial for the matchbox advent calendar HERE,
with the adjustments being that you only make one of the layers. For the top of this particular box, I used a large snowflake that I bought in a package of eight plastic snowflake decorations at the dollar store. I just knocked off the hole for the hanger - so frugal for embellishing things like this.

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