Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Don't Forget to Say THANK YOU - Christmas Thank You Card Ideas

I have always tried to get my daughter to give thank you cards after Christmas. Here are a few ideas I have done over the years.....

My favorite thank you idea is to take a picture after each present is opened on Christmas morning. Then I print the picture out, and have my daughter write a thank you message on the back of the picture.

I have taken pictures after Christmas morning as well. The year I did this, it was a good way to "remember" who gave what. We collected all the gifts and talked about each gift giver. This was the present my husband and I gave our daughter. I love the memories these pictures give too. This was a Digimon digivice that my daughter absolutely loved.

This was a thank you that my daughter did a while ago. It was a paper piecing project. She made about six of them so it did take some time - but it was time she loved and time I treasured doing something meaningful with her.

Last year we sent thank you pictures through the email, but it isn't the same. We will give out hard copy pictures or cards again this year as it is more meaningful.

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