Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa's Long Underwear - Funny Treat Bag Tutorial

Here is a funny treat bag idea. It is so simple to make.

1. Download, print and cut out Santa Underwear Pattern from red felt.

Santa's Underwear Pattern

Make sure you have two long underwear pieces and one flap.

2. Fold one of the underwear pieces in half. Cut a slit half way between the top of the legs and the underarm, making sure to leave an inch and a half or more on each side. This is where the goodies will be put in.

3. Pin the flap an inch or so above the cut opening. Sew on the flap.
This is the back.

4. Pin front and back together, wrong sides together. Sew the whole way around, following fairly close around the edges, but making sure the fabric is sewn together.

5. Glue on pom poms or buttons to the front.

6. Glue on two buttons/pom poms on the back.

7. Cut a 15" piece of thin wire. Poke both ends through the top of the garment.
If your wire is a little thick, it might take a bit of work to get the wire through.

8. Wrap the ends of the wire around a pencil to make it spiral. With needle nose Pliers, tuck the end of the wire in the spiral so it isn't poking out. On the right side, add the tag (see at bottom of tutorial) before you spiral the wire. On the round part of the wire, make a couple spirals as well.

9. Add treats!

Santas Underwear

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