Thursday, December 23, 2010

Extreme Gift Wrapping - To Create Some Special Christmas Memories

Look how nice and innocent this gift looks. It is so "easy to unwrap" looking. Just untie the bow and rip off the paper, right? But wait! This present is from Auntie Sue.....What gives????

Ha, ha, ha, ha (mischievous laugh) Auntie Sue strikes again. This was actually my husbands idea and I was so excited to put it into action. I wish I could see the recipients face when he/she opens it.

I bought a package of zap straps and covered the gift with them, intertwining them so it will not be an easy present to open. This is one of my Christmas traditions - Extreme gift wrapping. Who will be the recipient next time????


  1. Loved it, wish I had read this before Christmas, I would have have totally done this with Don or Tim (my son-in-law)!!

  2. This did go over well until my fourteen year old nephew got out a knife to get in his present. Mom wouldn't have any of that. It sounded like a memorable moment for Christmas morning. I recommend it for older recipients. Don and Tim would be perfect candidates!!!