Thursday, April 21, 2011

Corner Shelving Unit Made from a Door

This corner shelf has been a long time in the making, or should I say dreaming, because it didn't take that long to actually make. I got the idea from a blog called Little Birdie Secrets - find the inspiration by clicking HERE. On this blog is pictured a few ideas of what can been done with antique doors. There were no instructions on how to make it because it was a picture of what her friend had found, but that is part of the fun of creating. I bookmarked the picture because I HAD to do this. I told my hubby he could make me this for Christmas but he couldn't find a door. On New Year's I was at my mom's house and scored this door. I am so excited because this is a door that is from the house I grew up in, AND the house my dad grew up in, which will be 100 years old next year.

My hubby built the shelving unit for me (thank you sweetie!!). All I had to do was sanding and staining. I didn't get pictures of the process because he did it while I was at work but I will try my best to explain what he did.

Here is the door on the operating table. My hubby was concerned about the height of the door, so he cut off the top panel. He save the wood around the panel to finish the shelves off with the same wood. My hubby was also concerned about the door splitting when he cut it so he cut it in half with a hand saw. A lot of love and hard work went into this.

When the door was in half he screwed a 2x2 to one of the halves, and then put the other half at the 90 degree angle and screwed that to the 2x2. You can see the 2x2 through the front. Then he cut the shelves accordingly, put the old wood on the fronts and his job was done (this job did take most of the day).  He put the bottom shelf right at the floor to give the unit stability.

I just love the door knob so it had to stay on. I decided to keep the original paint job too as it gave it character. I painted in the grooves where you could see the 2x2. I did a pretty good job mixing the colors to match the turquoise. I sanded and then stained the whole unit with Watco oil. I love the water stains and the whole rustic look of this door. I remember this door and how it was painted really bothered me when I was a teenager. I absolutely love it now!

I am not quite sure what I am putting on this unit, but I like the lantern of my grandfathers and the old Bibles that are my great grandmothers. 

I was cleaning up from the job and I put the leftover panel in the "to save" pile. My hubby said that is was junk and to throw it out. I saved this little beauty and recycled that too!
Click HERE to see what I did with it.

I am keeping my eye open for another door. 
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  1. What a fantastic way to bring memories to life. Your husband did a wonderful job.

  2. I LOVE this idea! Having it be a part of your family history and an awesome shelf? Too cool : )


  3. OH! And I'm your 100th follower! Do I win a prize? ; ) Have a great day!

  4. Wow! What a cool idea! You did a fab job :)

  5. That is such a unique diy project. I'll have to check out your inspiration, but wow, I'm so wanting to do this project. Just wish I had some of those saw things - lol!


  6. That is such a fun and cute idea! I love it!!
    Thank you so much for stopping by and linking up to {nifty thrifty sunday}!
    I hope to see you again tomorrow!