Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brownie Cheesecake

We had our family Valentines Day dinner tonight because my hubby works shift work and he won't be home for Valentines. I made this for dessert and oh boy, I had to share it with you just in case you didn't have anything planned. I have really come out of my shell the past few years in trying new things. My old self would have looked at this recipe and said - no way, it looks too hard. I found this recipe in the Women's Day magazine. Of course the professionally made and photographed dessert looks way better, BUT mine does not look all that bad. Here is the link to the recipe....
From making it - this is what I learned....
1) the recipe says to cook the brownie but not so much that it is fully cooked. Next time I am fully cooking mine. Although it was good, it was a little doughy.
2) I made my brownie from scratch. I am weird that way - I think making things from scratch is just as easy. I added chocolate chips to make the brownie fudgy.
3) I cut the cheesecake topping recipe in half and it was plenty. We only have three in our household and so cutting the cheesecake topping in half still gave the cheesecake effect but with a lot less calories.

I found making this recipe surprisingly easy and therefore I took lots of enjoyment in the final outcome. Oh yeah, did I mention it is delicious! I better go. Another piece is calling my name.

Happy Valentines Day!

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