Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Chocolate Bar Wrapper

I decided to try a typography challenge from the blog CSI project. First of all, I needed to found out what the heck typography was.  There are several definitions but here is one that I understood:
               Typography - the craft of composing
 type and printing from it.
Although I didn't know the term before, I realized that I have been doing typography for quite a while now and I love it. Some other projects I have on my blog are....

                                                                    Gratitude Quote Tag

Of course these are scaled down from some typography I have seen as I am not a digital designer by trade, but I have been "trying" it. For my latest "typography" project, I wanted to cover some king size chocolate bars for Valentines Day and thought this would be the perfect project. To break up the background I cut out a strip of cardstock, framed it with black cardstock, sewed a border, and wrapped it around the bar. The label is cut from a Cricut Cartridge "Lyrical Letters" page 65 size 1". I printed Happy Valentines Day out on my computer.

Here are the PDF files if you would like to print out the typography background I made. I suggest you try your own typography too! It is fun and the possibilities are endless!

Pink Valentine Background

Red Valentine Background

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  1. Love your background! I think I'll print and wrap candy bars for my son's teachers. TY for sharing. (Found you via the CSI challenge.)

  2. These are super cute sue....loved your fonts the other day and even tried outlining!

  3. I love these - I am making these for my kids for v-day! Thanks for linking up to Fantastic Friday. I hope that you will join us again this week!