Friday, February 11, 2011

Homemade Gift Box - Baby Girl

This gift box was made from two 12x12  pieces of card stock. I have the Martha Stewart scoring board that has measurements on how to make different sized boxes. This finished box measures 6x6x3 inches.

There is a video on how to make this box and other boxes on the Martha Stewart website. Click HERE.

For the tag, I made my own background on my computer and also printed a "baby girl" label, which I inked the edges and then glued on the background (that I cut into the shape of a tag). The flowers are from the dollar store and I just twisted them around the bow. To see how I made my own background check out this post -  "What Cancer Cannot Do" Encouragement Gift Idea.

I think I am a gift box making fanatic now. It is so easy and fun. I will definitely have more gift box posts.

Thanks for looking!

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