Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines Day Card Ideas For Your Man

There are so many beautiful Valentines Day card ideas out there, but I still have a hard time finding ideas for guys. Here are a couple cards that I have made for my man in the past.....

I found this card on Kwerner Design blog (click here to see the original). It had a pink bow and polka dots (so cute), but not good for a guy. As soon as I saw this card I had to make it for my husband because we love hot chocolate. I didn't have the stamps so I improvised. I found a cute dingbat font called Sugar Coma where I got the hot chocolate mug. I printed out two mugs. I pasted one directly on the card, and the other one I placed on top of the pasted one with a pop dot. It would have been good to cut out the white space in the handle, but I did not have a sharp exacto knife so I did not sweat it. Click HERE to download the free sugar coma dingbat font - a great font to have for Valentines Day projects.

This idea was found in a Paper Crafts magazine. The original had a stamped measuring tape, but again, I made do with what I had and went to my handy tool - the internet - and found a clip art that worked. The screw brads I found at Michael's, but I did see them a couple times at a $ store. The heart is from a $ store card making kit. On the inside I wrote
How does one measure what they can't explain?
I love you more than words can say.

Here is another card I made for my husband. Check out the details on how I made it by clicking HERE.

I have been wracking my brain about what to do for this years card and came up with the idea last night. I will post it in a few days.
Thanks for looking!

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  1. These are adorable! Perfect for the men in our lives! I would love for you to link up any of your projects to my Ten Buck Tuesday link parties!

    Do you have a followers link? I'd love to become a follower!

  2. @ Lauren

    Hi! Thank you for the compliment and for the invitation. I would love to join your party every Tuesday. I did not have a follower link visible- but I do now as I have been asked a couple times about it. Thanks Lauren - I look forward to checking out your blog!