Saturday, February 19, 2011

Compliments are Verbal Sunshine

Compliments are verbal sunshine - and I have got to say when I was sent these awards - the sun was shining!
Thank you to the Honey's at 

Homemaking Honeys Blogspot

and to Tim over at

ladeladeda blog spot 

I received two messages within days of each other from these two, so I was feeling pretty special.
 I enjoyed visiting  both these blogs - so go check them out!!!
Here are the awards they bestowed....

Here's how the award works:
Thank and link back to the person(s) who bestowed the awards
Share 7 random things about yourself
Award 15 recently discovered great blogs
Contact those bloggers and inform them about the award

So here I go : Seven random things about me .....

1. I have a donor ear drum because I stuck a popcorn kernel in my ear when I was little.
2. Growing up I had a pet cow named Twinkie that I used to ride like a horse.
3. I dirt bike with my hubby.
4. I love chocolate.
5. I was told that my hair follicles are triangular, thus giving me naturally curly hair.
6. My favorite song right now is "Love Like Crazy" by Lee Brice.
7. My first craft obsession I can remember was making pom poms. To "do" something with the pom poms I made toilet paper roll people and gave them pom pom hair, arms and feet. I was going to make a living selling them. I would use extra toilet paper to keep up with the pompom people production. 

There are so many awesome bloggers out there and I love way more than 15 blogs
Here are some recently discovered blogs that I have been inspired by ....

1. Lauren from Young Nester
2. Kristyn from Lil Luna
3. The many hands that make up  Seven Sisters
4. Brenda from  Deck the Halls of Home with Joy
5. Hani at  Craftionary
6.Michelle  at Life Made Creations
7. Alisa at The Tidy Nest
8. Nike at Choose to Thrive
9.Danielle at Homespun with Heart
10. Lenae at Sugar Gem
11. Michelle at Its a Hand Made Life
12.Deidre at A Craft a Day
13. Emily at Not So Idle Hands
14. Pam at Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Beautiful
15. Alison at Oopsey Daisy
I would like to thank all these bloggers for all the lovely ideas and inspiration they share with us in blog land. I hope you check them out and find something on each one of them to try and make yourself. 


  1. Thank you Sue, you are so sweet! It's a "JOY" to meet you! Come by and visit anytime. It's wonderful to make new friends!

    You brightened my day!
    Love, Brenda
    Deck The Halls of HOME with JOY
    Sew a little happiness

  2. Thank you SO much for this blog award! You've definitely made my day!! You are so kind. Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Wow thank you so much. This truly could not have come at a better time. You made my whole week. I will definitely pay it forward when I get to my computer. Thank you Lenae at sugargem

  4. Sue, THANK YOU! This made my Saturday on a day of more than the usual amount of kids and messes and colds and errands and blah. These ladies (and you!) are awesome crafters--it's wonderful to be in great company.


  5. Aww, our first bloggy award!! thanks so much for the shoutout! Come back soon!! Love your creative ideas here, especially the gift wrap! ~*S*~

  6. Thank you!!! I appreciate the post and what an honor to be an inspiration to someone! :) Thank you!!!

  7. Sue, you are a sweetie! Thanks so much for the awards, the link, and for your fabulously creative blog.

  8. Thanks so much, Sue! This was so thoughtful and encouraging!!