Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flower Topped Gift Box

I made three boxes like this for a special Valentines gift. Click HERE to see what I did. The gifts were well received.

Here is how I made the flower topped box.

Crepe Paper Streamers
White Poster Board
Hot Glue
Twist Tie
Small Paper Doily

For each box, cut two pieces poster board 8x8 inches square. The finished box size will be 4x4x2 inches. (I was able to make three boxes out of one poster board. The poster board cost me 50 cents).
There is a video on how to make boxes on the Martha Stewart website CLICK HERE.
The bottom box is scored at 2 and 6 inches on all sides. The top of the box is scored at 2 and 6 1/8 inches. Fold paper on scored lines (the "valley" of the score should be on the outside). Cut scored lines through to corners at two opposite sides. Fold flaps in to create box shape, and secure with glue.

After the lid is scored and flaps are cut and before gluing, I trim an inch off each side. 

Now for the flowers. 
For a great tutorial on how to make these click on the link below. 
Crepe Paper Flower Tutorial 
I bought several different colors of streamers. They were 50 cents each. I made five flowers for each box and one of the flowers was bigger than the others.

Putting it all together:

Have all your supplies ready to go. You need approximately five flowers, 3 leaves, a round piece of cardstock (mine was a 2" circle) , twist tie or wire, small paper doily.

I used the circle to glue everything to, but I wanted it a bit elevated so I cut a slit in it, folded it a bit to extend the cardboard over itself and glued it together. Then I glued the leaves and flowers to the card stock circle starting with the big flower.
Take the twist tie and feed it through the paper doily. Then glue to the bottom of the flower bouquet. Secure the twist tie by putting a blob of glue so it doesn't tear through the doily. This will be how you secure the bouquet to the gift.
And there you have your bouquet. Tie a ribbon around the box and twist tie the bouquet around the ribbon at the center of the top.

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  1. I recently found your blog and TOTALLY LOVE IT!! I've awarded you a blog award. It is so deserved with all your crafty Brillance! Have a look at www.homemakinghoneys.com


  2. Was browsing some "back posts" of Ten Buck Tuesday and found this....love, love, love your crepe paper flowers. Would you believe I just pulled some crepe paper out yesterday and wondered about making flowers with it? Now I have yours for inspiration!

  3. Thank you Alisha! That is awesome! I love your blog too.

    Shore girl - crepe paper flowers are so much fun. You just found a gold mine if you found crepe paper. Happy crafting!