Friday, March 18, 2011

Make Your Own Spring - Streamer Flower Tutorial

Spring seems to be taking an extremely long time to show up in my area - but there are flowers blooming inside!

I am addicted to making crepe paper flowers from streamers. I had a brain wave for my Easter mantel that included some crepe paper flowers - HOWEVER - even with all the streamer colors available - I couldn't find the colors I wanted so I made my own colors.  I am SO excited about this and I had to share because it is such an easy technique that gives amazing results. So here is how I made my own spring....

Streamer Flower Tutorial


crepe paper streamer in desired color
glue gun

For an approximate 2" flower - use about 24 inches of crepe paper. Rub with desired scrapbooking ink.

Here is my white streamer after I inked it.

Here is my light pink streamer after I inked it.

Fold streamer in half with inked side out.

Gently tie a knot close to one of the ends. Leave a little tail to hold on to while gluing.

Find a nice looking part of the knot to be the center of your flower. Glue the first bit of streamer onto the knot to hold the center in place. The fold in the streamer at this point is on the bottom.

Wrap the streamer around the center a little more and glue in place. Now start making half twists in the crepe paper - glue- turn flower a bit - half twist - glue - turn etc. Use the tail of the flower to hold on to (see it between my fingers?) Keep turning the flower, half twisting the crepe paper and gluing until the flower is the desired size or you run out of crepe paper.

This picture shows the end of the twisting, gluing, turning stage. Put the final dab of glue on the flower. I keep the tail of the flower on as I have used this to adhere the flower to a toothpick. Trim the tail if you need it.

And there you have it. Isn't it pretty?

Just some final touches - I dab a bit more of the ink on the petals to give it more of a textured look.

And why not make all sorts of colors? This color is orange ink on a white streamer.
My first few flowers did not look like flowers - and sometimes I get one that just isn't as nice as some I have made. The point I am making is to try and try and try again. I made some really nice flowers when I studied the roses my husband gave me for Valentine's Day - so looking at the real thing is very helpful.
So go ahead and try it yourself!
Oh yeah - I can't wait to show you what I am making with these flowers. Stay tuned!

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  2. Love these flowers!! I'm gonna follow you cause I have to know what you're making!!

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  4. These roses are BEAUTIFUL!! I'm feeling the need to try my hand at them soon!
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  6. Oh, pretty flowers...and they look like such fun to make!!