Saturday, March 5, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Mantel

I wanted to get this mantel done by March 1st, BUT I guess March 5th isn't so bad. Thank goodness for Saturdays. Let me show you around my St. Patrick's Day Mantel.....

I love this little fence panel. I found it at a $ store. It is one of those lawn edging fences - so cute. I draped some ivy and daisies on it.

I found this candle stick at the $ store too. I had a little glass plate that I just placed on top of it because the top of the candle stick cups the plate perfectly. I added moss balls ($ store item again) a polished rock and pine cones. I was definitely going for the earthy look. The big seed pod was in a potpourri mix I have.

I put a paper shamrock in a picture frame that I bought at a discount store. It had a painting inside but I  painted over it as I didn't care for the picture but I loved the frame. Check out my paper shamrock tutorial to find out how I made it - CLICK HERE! I made seven shamrocks that I scattered around the mantel.

I put some old jars in behind to fill up a couple holes. I filled them with pine cones and wrapped the jar with burlap that I secured with jute. I had a couple of tin pots that I filled with greenery. My theme had to work around the family tree picture that basically has to stay put. It is too hard to take down the picture because it is heavy, high up and hard to find the nail holes - but one of these days I am going to make an insert for inside the picture frame, I just don't know how I am going to secure the insert yet. Any ideas??

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  1. WOW, your St. Patty's mantle is gorgeous! Soooo festive Ü

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